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Many business owners and managers are unaware of the obligations they need to meet with respect to their staff. Full compliance is important, as the consequences for failing to meet all legal requirements can include heavy penalties and fines. Most business owners and managers do not have the time to understand compliance in its entirety. This is due to the extensive record of legislation in the areas of:

  • National Employment Standards
  • Fair Work Australia
  • Health & Safety
  • Immigration & Work Visas
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Privacy

McDougall HR remove the fear of non-compliance through specialist support services in this area.

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Our approach is to meet with the business owner or manager to discuss which regulations apply to your business. We then assess where the business is and isn’t compliant and ascertain who is responsible for the paperwork associated with employment.

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We also discuss what training and experience certain team members have in this area, to ascertain the level of understanding of workplace laws and employment standards and whether this is accurately reflected in the business documentation.

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Based on our findings from this discussion we may make recommendations for a workplace audit. A workplace audit involves being on site for a few hours and covers checks on areas such as:

  • Wages and salaries
  • Full compliance with one of the 122 industry or occupation awards
  • Full compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Complying with NES, Health & Safety, Immigration, Privacy legislation
  • Full compliance with the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

We then provide a comprehensive report that covers what immediately requires action to avoid breaches and what is recommended as a way of improving best practice.

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