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McDougall HR, have DISC ADVANCED® Consultant & Facilitator who can deliver a tailored, behavioural profiling solution to any business for recruitment, team development, or sales purposes.

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Disc Advanced for recruitment

In the recruitment phase, DISC ADVANCED® is used to understand how the successful applicant would respond in the given scenarios. All DISC ADVANCED® instruments offer scores and detailed feedback to the client.

These insights are vital for any business owner who wants know how to effectively manage their new recruit to ensure retention.

Disc Advanced for team development

When there is a need for team development, DISC ADVANCED® is used in a fun, interactive workshop to discover the behaviour profile of those participating. The outcome is a greater understanding of the similarities and differences represented within the team.

The organisation can know how and why a certain individual acts the way they do in a number of different situations. Increases in productivity, team cohesion and reduction in workplace incidents are just some of the benefits to our clients who adopt our DISC ADVANCED® workshop.

Disc Advanced for sales

Ideal if you are needing to upskill your sales team and give them the edge on knowing how to adapt their sales style depending on the behavioural responses they get from the customer or prospect.

For more information on how DISC ADVANCED® specifically empowers a sales team, click through to these articles.

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“In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand.”
John Maxwell

For any organisation or enterprise, very little of what an individual does is solely responsible for the profit of a business. Team cohesion is vital for daily and weekly tasks, short and long term projects to benefit a company. As awareness of behavioural styles increases company-wide, everyone can modify their behaviour depending on who they are working with and what they are working on.

As leaders, a behavioural profile report can further advance our skills to achieve objectives whilst maintaining good relations with the team. This results in a reduction of workplace incidents leading to better productivity. When a leader can communicate effectively enough, the team are empowered into motivation through gaining understanding.

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