Downturn or Opportunity? What will it be?

By Wanita Lawson

(Recruitment Manager, McDougall HR)

Recently, I read a thought provoking article around How to Survive the Services Recession by Geoffrey Cann. The crux of the article outlines as the “price of oil goes down, so does the export price of LNG, and down go the revenues for the LNG projects”.

Consequently businesses downstream will need to shed costs quickly which will cause a similar effect on their suppliers.
So what can be done to buffer this impact? The article tackles this problem from a financial and compliance perspective. However, upon reflection maybe this threat can be viewed as an opportunity to:

  • review your strategic plan;
  • ensure your current products and services can be adapted to meet these challenging times; and
  • determine what skill sets will be required for these new/adapted services.

Also, it’s important during these times to ensure that you as the manager and your staff’s mental health is maintained by channeling your energy on positive tasks. At McDougall HR we have a team of HR and Recruitment specialists who can provide support to your organization in how to identify and source these talent pools in preparation for these times.

At McDougall HR we can help with finding the right skills to turn the downturn into an opportunity. Whether it be placing temporary staff to help existing business development activities or finding a permanent business development professional, we are engaging with exceptional talent daily!

Here at McDougall HR we use sophisticated technology to create relevant talent pools for your business, for more information please contact me – (07) 4637 9500.