Need to drive growth in your business?

By Jason Sutton

(Recruitment Consultant, McDougall HR)

It’s time to hire a sales person!

The ability to drive new business and create lasting growth is a requirement for most organisations. But finding and retaining top talent in the sales industry is a challenge faced by hiring managers daily.

The worst time to start searching for talent is when a salesperson leaves your organisation. The time constraints and urgency of replacing someone can force hiring managers to compromise and take on active talent rather than ideal candidates.

What’s an active candidate? Glad you asked.

Job seekers are categorised as either ‘passive’ or ‘active’. Active candidates are actively looking for a new role; they may have an immediate requirement to find work (being unemployed), or dislike their current situation. Passive candidates are not actively looking, but would consider an opportunity if the right role presented itself. LinkedIn tells us that 80% of professionals registered with the platform are ‘passive’.

Traditionally, in sales, passive candidates are better candidates. They have greater dedication to the role they are performing and are generally well rewarded for the goals they’re kicking and aren’t looking to move on.

So, how do you engage with this talent and make them aware of your organisations upcoming opportunities?

Having a big brand and marketing force is one way to gain unsolicited resumes, but an easier way is to engage McDougall HR. We are continuously engaging talented individuals through social platforms like LinkedIn and other means. We continue to be part of relevant industry discussions and keep tabs on the best out there.

If one of our clients is looking to hire in the near future, we have the technology to create ‘talent pools’ of great passive talent and draw on those pools when required. We offer an extended reach into the passive talent market than any other means.

So, if you have a sales team, now is the time to contact McDougall HR to start building the next generation of gun sales people.

For more information call Jason at McDougall HR – (07) 4637 9500.