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With decades of collective experience in managing outsourced recruitment, we can involve you as much or as little as you would like to be involved. Whether we are consulting with the business owner to ensure a job ad will attract the right type of candidate, generating a short list, or managing the entire process our service enables a business to save on expense. Challenges faced in the recruitment process:

  • Are you lacking the time required to undertake the recruitment process properly?
  • Do you feel the pool of talent you have had access to so far is lacking in quality?
  • Are you getting little to no interest in your job ads?

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Attract top talent

McDougall HR attracts better talent than what a business can do themselves. Our connections and approaches give us access to a wider audience than just those searching job sites.

We help you avoid the opportunity cost that comes with having to devote the time to recruitment that your business deserves.

Proven methods

Our approach is to arrange an initial consultation, through a face to face meeting or skype interview, to help us understand the environment and culture of your workplace.

We then discuss the job brief, construct the position description (if required) and provide as much or as little communication around the process to you as you would like.

Proven results

The business owner will usually get the same recruiter each time that knows their business intimately. All of the recruiters at McDougall HR are highly qualified. It is paramount that we find the best fit for the position and as such, would rather wait for the right person than simply fill it to get paid.

We are prepared to back up the quality of our service with a 6-month guarantee, which means that if your new team members leaves within the first 6-months we will replace them at no extra cost.

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