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Certainly it is a tough time for business when they need to downsize. There are many reason why this might happen, such as a downturn in the economy or a change of direction for a business, making it necessary to let staff members go. The common challenges that are faced by the owner are:

Being fully compliant through the process of redundancy

Ensuring redundancies do not negatively impact the workplace culture

Being able to best handle the reactions and response through the phases of redundancy

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The decision

The requirement to make certain team members redundant does impact the organisation as a whole. Implementing the right course of action, in the right order, with the right timing is the difference between a thriving and suffering workplace environment. It is not as simple as announcing that staff are no longer required.

The process

There is a legislative process involved with redundancy and penalties can be severe if a business does not abide by the rules. Staff members may have recourse against the employer if they are not treated according to the national standards put in place by the Fair Work Act and NES.

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With the approach taken by McDougall HR, business owners can navigate through the many trip-ups in communication and documentation. Steering towards the desired direction for the company as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from our consultation and avoid the major disruptions and penalties from non-compliance.

Redundancy consultation usually commences via a discussion with the owner. We identify how many team members need to be made redundant and work with any internal staff necessary to see the process through to its completion.

Additionally, we offer outplacement services that companies can use to better support those team members being made redundant. Some of the support mechanisms provided for them are:

  • Making sure their resume best represents their skills and abilities
  • Making sure any social media profiles show them in the best light possible
  • Having them interview ready
  • Managing any counselling support needed in response to the emotional reactions from those being made redundant

Our outplacement service is advantageous to maintaining a healthy workplace culture, as the employees who remain will take notice of how a company treats people when making them redundant.

McDougall HR consultation ensures a positive step forward for both the company and the employees.

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