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When a business has someone call in sick, are needing an emergency fill, or have a maternity leave contract, a quick call to McDougall HR can provide a solution at a moment’s notice. In some situations it may not be so urgent, but still an important role to fill and taking on a temporary staff member can be better than hiring a casual.

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What type of temp staff do we have available?

We specialise in white-collar industries, making temporary recruitment simple by managing the process for you. We assume the risk of hiring them as our employees.

Our approach is to only provide best-fit solutions that enable a business to retain productivity with minimal disruption. Reducing the risk for our clients from a temp who can not commit to the timeframe or who does not truly have the skills requested.

By outsourcing your temporary recruitment, you can avoid the opportunity costs associated with hiring a casual and handling all the statutory requirements. A temp becomes an employee of McDougall HR, and you are simply billed weekly.

Need to cover staff holidays or maternity leave?

In scenarios when a staff member is going on a holiday or maternity leave, temporary recruitment is an excellent solution.

The challenges often faced by the business in these situations is that they have a small team, so the absence of one staff member can make a huge difference. The cost and risk associated with hiring a casual may be too much to deal with, and the disruption from hiring someone who turns out to be unskilled is a headache that nobody wants to have to deal with.

Do you need someone today? It’s easy, call us now and have us start the process.

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